Kickin’ It

Time to put your best foot forward for this week’s Five Minutes for Fitness


Kickboxing is one of my favorite cross-training work-outs.  It’s is a great core work-out that forces you to use your entire body. 


With each jab and kick, you tone and strengthen your abs and hips.  Punches mixed with squats and lunges work your quads and hamstrings, too.


Honestly, there’s nothing like a good ass kicking shadow kickboxing to help relieve some stress.     




  1. Chloe says:

    Ok – here is a pretty darn funny youtube video. I guess it would be a pretty good workout, if you got over the weirdness of it 🙂 Happy friday! (hopefully the video will post!)


  2. lindsay says:

    i had a nazi kickboxing instructor one summer. i was getting sore during the workout, she was intense. definitely fun though! do you have a dvd or go to a class?

  3. Run DMT says:

    @chloe- A poodle work-out? Now that’s hot. Is the instructor’s name Fifi?

    @Lindsay- I have a few Sharon Mann work-outs Tivo’d. That chick rocks!

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