Our “Souper” Bowl Party

 During the cooler weather, soup is a welcomed comfort food, so adding soup to any party is a recipe for comfy fun. 


Each year, Allan and I host a soup party during the holidays.  According to our caterer and resident chef (Allan), soup parties are a fairly inexpensive and easy to prepare. 


Our soup parties are cherished events for our friends, too.  Weeks before the party, my friends will make requests and drool over the anticipated soups.


Since we were in North Carolina during the holidays this year, our soup party was placed on the back burner.  So although there was no “Souper” Holiday party, we orchestrated a “Souper” Bowl Party instead.  Our guests were encouraged to wear their favorite NFL team colors or team shirt.


For every soup party, Allan prepares about 4 different soups, which will simmer on the stove all day and the buffet line remains on the stove throughout the party.  We also set up a bar full of beer and wine help to wash it all down.




From the stovetop this year, our guests sampled Spicy Sausage and Lentil Soup, Vegetarian Split Pea, Baked Potato Soup and Beef Stew.  Each soup was better than the next, but Beef Stew and Baked Potato were the favorites among friends this year.


On the evite, our guests requested karaoke for the entertainment in their replies.  To please our guests but to torture our neighbors, we dusted off the karaoke machine.  Of course, I volunteered to go first to get the party started.  Unfortunately, mixing alcohol with bad singing may have caused a bit of heartburn.  




About 40 friends slurped up the pre-game festivities on Saturday night and once again, our soup party was a deliciously fun event!




  1. Lynn says:

    I’m re-entering the running world after almost 10 yrs. I used to get terrible shin splints (?) while on track and I just started running recently and they’re back. What to do? When is a good time to start entering marathons?

  2. Lori says:

    Hey, Lynn
    I am one of Denise’s running partners. I also get shin splints too. Right now they are under control and I wanted to let you know what has worked for me. I am not a pro. Just someone that likes to run. Here is what I did.
    First make sure you have the right shoes. Go to
    running specialty store and find out what type of shoe she needs. Cushioned,
    neutral or stability. Next always stretch, stretch, stretch especially after
    a run. Make sure to stretch ALL muscles in the calfs. Stretching has helped
    me tremendously.
    Last thing take it slow. Don’t rush the miles build up sloowly. I personally
    think the walking on long runs has helped my shins to not get over
    One more thing. If possible avoid running on sidewalks. The concrete is very
    hard on our legs. I also go to coolrunning.com for tips and advice.
    Hope this helps. I know how frustrating shin splints can be but there is HOPE. Good luck.

  3. Lynn says:

    Thanks Lori, I tell ya that worked like crazy this morning! I broke up my outing with running for one minute, walking one minute, on and off and I did a total of a 4 minute run – despite the cold that is an all time high for me! Ironman here I come! Quest. 2: what is your morning or pre-run warmup stretches or ritual to make your muscles all loosy goosy before your runs?

    My best, Lynn
    http://www.safebeauty.blogspot.com (Free soap this week! Stop on by!)

  4. lindsay says:

    you are such a hot mama i’m sure it made up for your american idol singing skills. 😉

    your soup party sounds like so much fun! now you gave aron another idea and she’s going to have another super cool west coast party without us.

  5. Run DMT says:

    @ Lindsay- Thanks for calling me hot and a real runner! My ego is sure to swell with you around! 🙂

    @aron- It is such an easy party and definitely a great time! Host one soon while the weather is still cool and let us know how it went.

  6. dwyatt64 says:

    OOOOHHH…sounds souper. Will you please post Allan’s recipes??? We love soups around here, too, and live on soup, stew, and chili all winter long. We’re coming off of two sub freezing days, so they’d be welcome!!!

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