Frisky Fitness

I’m feeling a little frisky for today’s Five Minutes for Fitness


Cardio Tease has been draping the Tampa Bay area like a feathery boa.  Carmen Electra catapulted the popularity of cardio tease when she brought sexy strip tease aerobics into the spotlight with her DVDs and her appearance on Ellen.


These cardio routines are definitely not your mother’s Jane Fonda’s work-out.  Leg warmers have been replaced with fish-net stockings, however you’ll be happy to know the pelvic lifts and forward hamstring stretches leaving your ass high in the air are still part of the work-out.




So, show your sexy side and strut your stuff.




When you’ve mastered the floor routine, take it into the bedroom next.  You have to appreciate any work-out that lets you lie down in bed.




  1. Brian says:

    The butt slap is actually a good skill to have. Sometimes during speed intervals I use this technique to speed myself up. It’s like being the race horse and the jockey all in one :P.

    You can also use the sweeping look she demonstrates in the third video when you pass other runners during a race.

  2. lindsay says:

    this reminds me… i need to get new “workout clothes” from victoria’s secret for my next marathon. these videos were terrific. although i think by the time i got through the head rolls and leg rubbing i’d be too tired to do anything else.

    @brian – we expect to see a video of you mastering these moves soon.

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