Photo Story Friday: Cousins, Kin and the Taylor Clan

A few weeks ago, we had family visiting from Scotland.  Allan’s Aunt Christine, his cousin, Pamela and her three children booked a last minute flight across the big pond and pleasantly surprised everyone with their arrival.  


With the recent passing of Granny Taylor, Aunt Christine felt an escape from Edinburgh and its constant reminders of her mother would help with her healing process.


I first met Aunt Christine about 9 years when she and the rest of the Taylor Clan flew over to for our wedding.



Then, five years later we introduced the Taylor Clan to our wee bairn, Allana.  During that visit, Allana met her cousin Lucy and Aunt Christine for the first time.  She also met her Great Granny Taylor, which Allana clearly remembers four years later.




When Emmalynn met Aunt Christine for the first time (nearly the same age as Allana when she met Aunt Christine), she told her, “You look just my Grandma Elizabeth.”  Straight away, Aunt Christine fell in love with our wee Emma, which is so easy to do.




But what tickled me the most was watching Lucy and Allana becoming reacquainted and instantly becoming the best of friends.  They bonded over Bratz, Disney Princesses, Harry Potter and imitating fish at the Florida Aquarium.  



They had similar mannerisms, the same spunk and ‘tude.  It just goes to show you that you just can’t fight genetics no matter how far apart physically you may be.   




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