Loyal Commenter: The ZooKeeper

The Carnival of Loyal Commenters continues today with The Zookeeper.


If you read The Zookeeper’s Back Story, you will discover that she and I have quite a bit in common.  We are both petite SAHMs, who gained a TON of weight during our pregnancies.  Weight Watchers and dieting helped drop a few pounds for us, but running is our little secret to melt away the weight to find that little petite mama hidden underneath all that blubber.  Although, Zookeeper seems to have dropped a few more than me, so I’m going to have to look into her meal plans for runners.  I think it’s safe to assume her menu suggestions probably do not include beer and Buffalo wings or weekly Wacky Wednesday visits to McDonalds.


The Zookeeper also ran in the Gasparilla marathon last Sunday, however, for her first first marathon, her time was amazing (4:30:04)!  Be sure to read her race recap, I Marathoner and her funny list of The Good, Bad and the Ugly.


So congratulations, Zookeeper for being an amazing marathon mom on the run and for being a Run DMT loyal commenter!  Keep on running and keep leaving comments! 🙂


  1. the Zookeeper says:

    I’m not worthy!

    It’s funny, I had the same thought when I found your blog–we’re so much alike! Except for that whole Goofy thing–you can have your 39.3 miles.

    I absolutely intend to keep reading your blog–partly so I know what I’m thinking, and mostly because your blog is so much prettier than mine. Thanks for letting me hang out here.

    And thanks for the shout out–it’s fantastic!

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