I’m a trail blazer…NOT!

Thankfully, I found time for a much needed run through the wilderness trails at Oscar Scherer.  Not knowing how my foot would hold up, I decided to test out the shortest trail, the Green Trail.  This flatwood trail consisted mostly of sand and I found my pace was very slow as a result, but probably a good thing considering my foot.  Many other campers also enjoyed this short trail for an early morning run.  Unfortunately, a portion of the trail was closed for maintenance and so I had to get creative to reach 3 miles.


After finishing less than a mile on the Green Trail, I exited the campgrounds, crossed the bridge and ran along Lake Osprey to the Yellow Trail.  


About 1 mile into the Yellow Trail, I noticed Bobcat tracks in the sand and became very nervous about running on a trail without my mace with no other runners in sight.  With that I decided to stick to only 3 miles and head back to the campgrounds.


3.13 miles

Total Time 33:31

Pace: 10:43


Last Thursday was the last time I ran.  I promise to get back into routine tomorrow!  I need to redeem myself of such a horrible pace and time!


  1. lindsay says:

    wow just wow. glad you made it back from the run in one piece. i would have kept going because i either A) would not have even noticed the animal prints or B) actually noticed them and figured they were someone’s dog. so, points to you for knowing better and turning around!

  2. dwyatt64 says:

    Sandy trail? 10:43 pace? Sore foot? Sounds to me like you are being just a LITTLE hard on yourself…..I hit 10 min. miles on a GOOD day! You rock.

  3. Rob says:

    # miles is good to me. I can’t run 3 feet. LOL. I cycle 30-40 miles at a time but can’t run to save my life. Sounds like you are doing well and are getting back on track. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

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