Bye-Bye Butterflies

A few weeks ago, we watched five little caterpillars form chrysalises and change into Painted Lady Butterflies.  On Earth Day, we released the butterflies in our backyard.  The first three butterflies happliy flew away, but the last two were more hesitant to leave their cozy habitat.  Allana watched and waited patiently for each butterfly to fly away safely.  Eventually, the last two left the nest and the butterflies have been fluttering around our garden and the neighborhood ever since.  










  1. purplemoose says:

    Now that looks like a great project! We’ve never done that before. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Pam says:

    I did this one year when I was teaching first grade. The kids loved it.
    Have a great time in New York on your kid free weekend! : )

  3. Mommy of Ms says:

    We did this is Girl Scouts one year, it was pretty neat!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    The black and white dress on your header is so beautiful. I know, wierd thing to notice…..

  4. AJacobsen says:

    So cool! We get to do this next year (for school)… We should be doing it now, but I guess it’s too hot now to send them. I guess I can see why… We live in AZ. =)
    We’re really looking forward to doing it next year though!

  5. julie says:

    That is so neato! Did you order them or find them yourself? My boys would love to do that! (They are covered in caterpillars in my last week’s WW…)

    Happy WW!

  6. Milk & Honey Mommy says:


    This was a great opportunity for teaching and watching your children nurture the caterpillars transformation to butterflies. My children would also enjoy this.

  7. lindsay says:

    reminds me of all the bugs i played with as a kid. never ‘hatched’ butterflies but i did have some caterpillars! adorable pics 🙂

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