Morning Glory

My running seems to be picking up a bit these days in more ways than one.  For one, I’ve gotten over that lazy slump and now I’m back on track. 


My weird toe/foot pain has gone away, as long as I remember to keep my laces loose.


Waking up before the crack of dawn once again, I get the luxury of enjoying early morning runs while watching the sunrise.  And since our Tampa Bay weather pattern has fallen into its usual pattern of afternoon showers, it leaves mostly means clear mornings for my early morning runs.


Moving past these few set backs and getting back into my regular running routine, my pace has improved as a result.  I’m back to my normal pace again despite all the heat, humidity, allergy and asthma attacks.  It feels good to be back in the game!  I believe I may actually do well at the Oldsmar Tap House 5K in a couple weeks.  I was nervous there for awhile.


Wednesday night, I had some killer headaches, which were either caused by my allergies or the anticipated arrival of my Aunt Flo.  Determined to run 6 miles, I went to bed at a reasonable time and awoke with an unusual zest Thurdsday morning only to discover the menstrual cramps were kicking.  Aunt Flo was on her way and obviously, allergies did not cause my migraines.  However, the cramps did not crumble my ambition to run 6 miles.


Many women keep track of their Aunt Flo’s arrival, but I’m not one of those women.  I don’t mark a calendar and I don’t have a clue as to when I’m ovulating.  And for me, each menstrual cycle brings different symptoms.  Hence, my confusion about the migraines I experienced. 


Some women are very in tune with their bodies.  I also listen to my body, but I always ignore what it tells me.  As you can imagine, I listen to my body as well as I listen to my husband.  They are equally ignored.


On occasion, I suppose I should listen to my husband and perhaps, my body too.  Thursday morning was precisely the moment when I should have listened.  Before stepping out the door for my run, I ignored the cramps and other signs of Aunt Flo’s arrival.  As a result, I was not prepared for her arrival.


One of my marathon fears includes losing all control of my bowels during a race.  I don’t want to be this guy.  I don’t care how fast he can run.



Well, no woman wants to be this gal either. 



About a mile into my run, Aunt Flo arrived and she made quite the grand entrance.  Thankfully, no evident leakage occurred but I do believe Aunt Flo encouraged me to run faster.


6 miles

Time: 57:37

Pace: 9:36


Stats of other runs this week:


Saturday, 5/23- 3 miles

Time: 29:06

Pace: 9:40


Sunday, 5/24 – 6 miles

Time: 1:06:24 – I blame this time on my running partners.  😉

Pace: 11:03


Wednesday, 5/27 – 3 miles

Time: 28:50

Pace: 9:37


  1. katie says:

    wait a second, you caught me at the weird toe pain… it goes away only when you loosen you laces- does that make your shoes loose when you run? How long have you had the toe pain for?

  2. Run DMT says:

    @Katie- Sorry, I forgot to add the hyperlink back to the toe post. I edited the post and now it links back.

    Yes, loose laces help tremendously! I was making the laces too tight across the top of my foot. I try to keep the laces loose towards my toes and tighter around my ankles, which keeps my shoes from slipping. Thankfully, it has been quite an improvement. 🙂

    More about my toe and shoelace issues:

  3. morethananelectrician says:

    I don’t know how you woman can live with those things happening to you…F-R-E-A-K-S!!!!!

    Three out of four runs at a pace within four seconds of each other is somehting to be proud. I am at a point where I am steadily getting in that fourth mile at the 30 minute mark…it is fun then and a nice target for me to shoot for.

  4. Katie says:

    Thanks for sending the links to your posts! Ok… two things: Check this link out-

    Give it a try- it shows the ‘loop lacing lock’ way to tie shoes (silly name, I know). I tie my shoes this way, and it gives extra support at the ankle without being too tight around the toes. If your big toe is still going numb, your shoes might be a half size too small- its not unusual for one dominant foot to be a bit larger than the other. When is the last time you had your feet measured? Most of us haven’t been properly measured since our pre-teen years, and we wear the same size now that we did then! Our feet continue to change (and sometimes grow) throughout our lifetime, so getting your feet checked may help solve the root of your toe issue. Let me know if I can help- I’m determined to help you get rid of that toe pain!

  5. Leslie says:

    “Aunt Flo” lol. That is too funny.
    Girl, just mark a “P” on the calendar when you start and that way you know when that bitchy aunt is arriving

  6. lindsay says:

    once again, i’m laughing at your expense. 🙂 i’ve seen the pic of that guy before, and everytime i feel the slightest bm coming on during a run i make sure i stop for some facilities because i sure do not ever want to have that accident!! glad you are back in a running routine.

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