Two Spock Friday

Last weekend, Hubby and I snuck away for a few hours to finally see the new Star Trek movie. 


As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a Star Trek fan.  As a young child, I would be glued to the television after dinner to watch the Star Trek reruns every week night. 


In my late high school years, I became a fan of Star Trek: Next Generation, followed by Star Trek: Voyager in my college years and then of course, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  Years later, I even watched Enterprise.


Never enamored by William Shatner as Kirk, I must confess my childhood crush on the Russian cutie, Chekov.



But when Khan dropped a mind-controlling earwig in Chekov’s ear in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khanthat dissolved my crush away like his brains.  Brain-dead guys have never turned me on.  I like men with brains.



As I got older, I had the hots for Piccard.  His powerful presence, compassion, courage, intelligence and accent made me swoon.



BUT, I never thought Spock was sexy. 



Until, I saw the new Star Trek movie with its new and improved Spock.



Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) plays the perfect Spock.  In my opinion, he plays Spock better than Leonard Nimoy.


Although I am a huge fan of Hereos, I never found Sylar sexy.  With his creepy mannerisms and cold, calculated psychotic serial killer looks, I don’t think any woman with half a brain would.  (Sylar joke, get it?  Half a brain? Nevermind.)



 Going into the movie, I anticipated a Sylar-Spock.  I didn’t think Quinto could shake the spooky villain.  Surprisingly, I was wrong.  (It happens.)  Not only did he slip out of Sylar successfully, but he pulled off a better, more sexier Spock.  I now have a new Star Trek crush.



As for the movie, I loved it.  Sure, the new Star Trek changes the original storylines and timelines a bit.  But you know what?  Star Trek holds its place in this little genre called Science Fiction and as far as I’m concerned, storylines are always changing due to worm holes and time travel.  That’s the delightful dynamic of Science Fiction!


According to critics, it reeks of J.J. Abrams, but I wouldn’t know.  I have never watched a single episode of Lost or Alias.  However, I can proclaim that J.J. Abrams puts a contemporary spin on an old favorite.  The action-packed pace and edge-of-your-seat scenes will make you crave sequels or, in my case, more sexy Spock.



***Disclaimer: Two Spock Friday was cleverly coined by the talented writers of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  After viewing Jimmy Fallon’s interview, I wanted replicate my own spin of the Spocks and pay homage to Jimmy Fallon.***


  1. April says:

    Oh my gosh, another Trekker!! I’ve loved Star Trek as long as I can remember, and I completely agree with you! Love Nimoy as Spock, but just not sexy. Zachary Quinto? Whew!!

    Sylar scares me. :o)

    • Mbobet says:

      Sylar is scary. Spock, not so much. The first impression I got of Sylar was “I will cut open your head and take out your brain.”

  2. morethananelectrician says:

    Being a Heroes fan too, I had to wonder if he could pull this off…I guess he did.

    I’ll see it when it comes to Netflix. Movie theaters are reserved for animated films in this house.

  3. linzeebinzee says:

    Tuspock “Live large and prosper”…I loved that SNL episode…I think it was with Ben Affleck? I always wanted a Tuspock t-shirt after that lol

  4. Sweeter says:

    I loved the new ST movie too. I’ve only ever watched the original ST series so I was happy to see the same cast of characters in the movie.

    Have learned much from this post as I had no idea who played the new Spock or who J.J. Abrams is since I’ve never seen Heroes, Lost or Alias.

  5. Danette says:

    Another Star Trek fan here (and Sylar fan, lol)… I am sooo looking forward to seeing this movie but will probably have to wait until it’s out on video.

  6. cid says:

    What? That p***y Quinto cannot hold a candle to Nimoy. Nimoy’s Spock was just perfect mentally and physically. His acting was extremely subtle not the in-your-face rampage Quinto came up with. He completely ruined that character with his arrogance and random sentimentalism with Uhura of all people.

    The whole movie sucks but Quinto destroying everthing that made Spock so fascinating was the worst part.

    Not to mention he just doesn’t have the looks the voice and the posture of Spock.

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