Push-Up Challenge, Day 3

I began day 3 three with a set of 12 manly pushups.  After resting 60 seconds, I then attempted 17 manly push-ups, which was no easy task.  I must admit, I fell to the floor around the twelfth one, but once I regained my composure and my strength, I finished the set.  Next, I did 13 girlie push-ups and finished with another set of 13 manly push-ups.  The last set was certainly a struggle to squeeze 13 more manly push-ups out of me, but I did it.  Hopefully, I can do it again on Wednesday.


  1. Kimert says:

    Ok, way to go!!!! Seriously you are inspiring me!
    I did mine tonight but I am no where near the level you are! I did 6,5,5,4, 6 and then finished with 8. It’s a start!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Seriously, can you make another video? I want to see if I am doing them right. I have also added in “Waiting for the Coffee to Brew” push-ups in the morning (done at an angle off the counter-tops).

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