Sawing Logs


Due to my sore ribs, sawing logs has been my only recreational activity as of late.  But even with sore ribs, sleeping has been a difficult task.  Then, this past weekend, my DH and I bought a new mattress. 


The rule of thumb for mattresses suggests buying a new mattress every 10 years and at the 12 year mark, our old mattress desperately needed to be replaced.


After breastfeeding and co-sleeping for several years, I had forgotten what a good night’s sleep felt like.  After the kids moved into their own bed a couple of years ago, I found myself sleeping on a slant, leaning into the center of the bed caused by the weight of my DH’s body.  In the morning, my back ached from the slanted sleeping.  So, the kids were out of our bed and I was as well spending many nights sleeping on the couch.  For the next couple of years, I complained about my sofa slumbers (or lack of) to my DH, but my complaints went unheard. 


Then recently, my DH started suffering from stiff necks and like so many husbands, once they begin to feel the slightest discomfort, it becomes a problem.  Fortunately, the problem was solved this past weekend with a wonderful new mattress, which was delivered this week.


My comfy, cushy new cloud mattress is like a dream.  I’ve been sleeping like a log for the first time in years!  Unfortunately, reclining and sitting up are still very painful due to my bruised ribs, but the pain is so worth it, because once I lie down, I saw logs soundly all night long.  Now hopefully all this wonderful rest will help heal my ribs more quickly.


  1. thepinchedpintglass says:

    This is completely untrue…Run DMT’s constant moaning and complaining finally wore me down…and I caved…maybe now I can git me some…..sleep that is 😉

  2. lindsay says:

    mmm a new mattress. hubs must be extremely hard headed to have let you sleep on the couch all those nights! 🙂 i think i will have that slant-problem going on when i have to start sharing after all this time spent sleeping in the middle of my big ol’ bed.

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