Picking Up the Pace

After flaking on my 6 mile run on Saturday due to rain, I made up for it on Sunday.  A panic sudden realization about the fast approaching races on the horizon seemed to be exactly what I needed to kick my badunkadunk into gear.  I set a goal for Sunday to finish under an hour and made my goal. 🙂

6 miles

Time 1:00

Ave Pace 10:00


Also feeling a little unprepared for the races, Tiffany and I met this morning to run 3 miles.  Since we’re trying to improve our pace, we tried to run a little faster.  I’m really proud of our results.  We are slowly improving. 

3 miles

Time 29:50

Ave Pace 9:37


Tomorrow, Tiffany and I are planning to work on sprints.  Our BFF Hal recommends 6 x 400.  I have never done real sprint work, so this should be interesting.  I typically try to finish the last quarter mile run strong or I’ll sprint for a quarter mile in the middle of my run.  I’m curious to see how I perform for each individual lap according to my virtual coach, Garmin


Thursday, I will do another 3 mile run and some strengthening exercises.  Then, later in the morning, I’m heading to Anna Maria Island for our Second Annual Moms on the Go Mommy Getaway.  I can’t wait to sneak away with 14 of the greatest mommy friends!  I’m looking forward to some sunset runs along the beach and then kicking back with a few beer by the pool and on the beach.  As long as I can keep from binge drinking I should be ready for early morning runs! 




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