Stupid Speedwork

As planned, Tiffany and I met at her house in the early morning for speedwork.  I had the brilliant idea to run as fast as I could to Tiffany’s house as a “warm-up”.  I was very impressed with my time.

0.77 miles

Time 6:34

Ave Pace 8:32


However, much to my surprise, this wasn’t such a brilliant idea, because my legs were already tired BEFORE even starting the sprints.


Tiffany marked off a start point with a chalk line.  “Basically, you run to the stop sign and run back,” she explained. 

 start line


Seemed simple enough, but somehow what I heard was “Run to the stop and run back”, like those were two separate quarter mile sprints.  Again, much to my disappointment, I quickly learned after the first “sprint” that I didn’t follow directions.

1.a.)  0.12 miles

Time 00:42

Ave Pace 5:53


1.b.) 0.12 miles

Time 00:48

Ave Pace 6:34


“Only five more to go!”  Tiffany proclaimed.


After this first sprint I realized running to Tiffany’s house was not such a good idea.  My legs were already killing me and I was thankful that our BFF Hal only recommends speedwork every other week.  It must take that long to recover from the stress and strain of all those horrible sprints.


As we finished each sprint, Tiffany tallied our accomplishments in the street.  Her little tally chart made me giggle and it took my mind off the torture for a little while.

 tally marks


Sprint 2

Time 1:44

Ave Pace 7:02


Sprint 3

Time 1:53

Ave Pace 7:48


Sprint 4

Time 1:53

Ave Pace 7:31


Sprint 5

Time 1:53

Ave Pace 7:35


Sprint 6

Time 1:54

Ave Pace 7:40


After our final sprint, I wobbled with each step as I tried to walk off the tightness in my legs.  Then, I remembered that I ran to Tiffany’s house and now I had to run home.  As I whined and moaned and cried like a baby complained over the notion about having to run home, Tiffany offered to drive me home.  As tempting as the offer was, I knew I would be sharing all the details about our speedwork and I couldn’t shame myself (a multiple marathoner) by getting a ride back to my house.  My pride simply could not allow me to take the easy way!


So, I thanked Tiffany for the offer and started my slow and very painful run home.

Distance 1 mile

Time 10:11

Ave Pace 10:10


Note to self: Arrange to do next set of speedwork outside my house. No more “ fast warm-up laps” before sprints.


  1. Tiffany says:

    Every time I am about to do speedwork, I think to myself, “This will be easy!” After all, what is a mile and a half when we have run countless times in the double digits? Then, I run my first sprint, and I think to myself, “We have to do this again?!?!” Denise, you are right: It is a good thing that Hal only has us doing speedwork every other week. Oh, and there is no shame in me driving you home after speedwork!

  2. dwyatt64 says:

    I had to laugh when I read this post. The hubby just did sprints for his running workout night before last. He was explaining the process to me, and I was just sitting dumbfounded at how serious it all was to him….to knock a few minutes off his half marathon time in a few weeks. It sounded like torture….and even with all his races, he hurt, too. And I agree….next time start in front of YOUR house!

  3. Lori says:

    I agree with Tiffany. No Shame in a ride home although it was a good recovery run and hopefully helped. I LOVE the tally marks. They are soo Tiffany. She had such GREAT ideas. Great job on the speed work.

  4. Night owl mama says:

    Wow great timing you did a fabulous job.

    Can u PLEASE help me out? I’m trying to win a washer and dryer for my family of 6 by getting the most comments. I need LOTS. Thanks so much for all your help
    contest ends 10/2

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