Not-So-Jolly Holiday Halfathon

Since Tiffany and I haven’t been training as much as we would like to be these days (with her new job and me feeling like a slug), we decided to “take it easy” at Sunday’s Holiday Halfathon and boy, was that ever an understatement!


After about two miles, I needed to walk.  Seriously, it was that bad.  Thankfully, Tiffany felt the same and my former running partner was now a running/walking partner.  We joked about how at least we looked like serious runners with our cute little running skirts, sports bras and nifty Garmin gadgets.


The course stretched 13 miles north along Gulf Blvd from Madeira Beach to Indian shores.  Then, it turned east for a few miles until we reached the Pinellas trail and ended at Taylor Park, which was a gorgeous finish line!


Despite the thick fog, we still really enjoyed the view and the relatively flat course.  Occasionally, we conquered some Florida “hills” or steep bridges as the trail bridged over busy roads.  A sign at the bottom of the steep ramp advised us to “proceed slowly” and we took its warning about the incline a little too literal.


Tiffany and I knew several runners in the race from the ‘hood and of course, several Striders were there.  It felt obligated to show moral support to all our running friends rather than actually running.


Several police officers and deputies patrolled the intersections and directed the traffic around the race.  One deputy even commented on how we were supposed to be running and Tiffany made me pose for a picture with him as punishment.


Around mile 10, a race official seemed to be tallying straggling athletes.  I believe I heard him say there were a few behind us.  “Well, at least we’re not last,” I giggled to Tiffany.  “Maybe we should try running again?”


For the last few miles, we finally kept a good pace and finished just under 3 hours.  Not our best performance at all, but at least we can only improve from here! LOL

Time 2:57:42

Ave Pace 13:34

Overall Place 824/882

Division 99/100


***Above picture borrowed from David Griner of the Striders.  Tiffany took lots of pics.  I will add them to this post as soon as she sends them to me.***


  1. sandysays1 says:

    It’s fun to run! My human’s pushing 70 so he only manages a trot. A little slower than “fox.” We live in FL too and the hot weather slows us down and maybe that’s why your Halfathon was a drag. It just isn’t right to be so hot now. Visit me at for my poem – A canine’s Night after Christmas.” And some laughs.

  2. lindsay says:

    definitely more important to have a good time and it sounds like that was accomplished (and then some)! congrats on another half, you definitely look cute and hardcore in your race attire!

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