The Sweetness of Pancake Day

I first flipped over Pancake Day (Shrove Thuesday) as a student teacher interning in England when my housemates shared this tasty tradition with me. Although English pancakes are more flat like crêpes and topped with lemon juice and sugar, it didn’t prevent me from partaking in the feast.


When I met my Scottish hubbie, it only seemed natural to continue with the Pancake Day fun year after year.  However, we modified the British tradition slightly with American-style pancakes and syrup.


During my teaching career, I shared Pancake Day with my students.  I stuffed them with fluffy flapjacks as they wrote flavorful essays to demonstrate their knowledge and enthusiasm of the day.


When I became a mom, I hosted Pancake Day play dates for our mommy friends and their children. After moving to our new neighborhood in 2006, we introduced Pancake Day to our Moms on the Go friends the following year and of course, they flipped over the fun too.  We read stories while eating pancakes and even held pancake relays in the true spirit of the day.


Now, every year my children look forward to eating pancakes all day long with their friends on Pancake Day.


But, I simply savor every sweet morsel and memory this day has always served.




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  1. xmasdolly says:

    Now I love pancakes with sausage especially, but…. they make me soooooo full after that I don’t have them all time, but they are so good. Love the idea of Pancake day.

  2. Kristi says:

    Great post! I’m thinking we should do Pancake Day here at our house tomorrow. Wanna come over? 🙂
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on a few of my posts. I’ve been visiting your blog quite a bit this week!

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

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