1. Mellisa says:

    That’s a fantastic crazy hair — my boy’s never get into those crazy weeks at school – so I can’t wait for Miss Maddy to get old enough!! Looks like so much fun!

  2. Ms. Latina says:


    She’s so cute! Love the hair! Was it a school theme? My little one has crazy hat day, suit day and PJ day, as well as a few others. He loves them!

  3. parenting BY dummies says:

    I think she looks pretty snazzy. Perhaps b/c I’m rockin’ a similar do right now. I have a “bad” hair day pretty much everyday. Ask my mom, she’ll tell you as its been driving her wild since the 80s!

  4. Sukhmandir Kaur says:

    She looks very proud of he due. It may be crazy to her but decades ago it might have been high fashion. well except for the pink but if theyd known how I’m sure they would have.

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