1. Running Betty says:

    I was surprised that even at 13 years old my daughter wanted to give those out at her bday party as favors. The kids still love them! I think this is a trend that may actually be going on 5 months now… wow… and the teens in Karate all wear them, and the orthodontist staff will trade them with the kids.

    Big day today. Wendy is 12 (yippee!) and has a performance at school. They are singing some dumb songs, but then the whole grade is doing a Flash Mob dance they learned that is supposed to be really cool. She was excited to get to weat jeans today – no uniform! Then Alice has her track and field award ceremony. Wendy requested mojo shrimp gorditas and yellow rice for dinner, so I will be witholding my “no MSG” rule and cooking her favorite dinner. And then she has a paper to write and Alice has finals to study for while Brian and I narrow down the places we want to stay in TN this summer that we bookmarked.

    Hope you have as many smiles today as I will!

  2. Brooke says:

    We wrote a note also but for a missing tooth and the tooth fairy STILL found the tooth… That tooth fairy is amazing I tell you. Up to date with the IN thing and willing to bend the money rule… I haven’t heard of those before.. hmm

  3. MommaPebz says:

    I am seriously lol’ing because my daughter’s kindergarten class is OBSESSED with these things – I have 4 packs coming in the mail for her because I couldn’t find them in the stores! Go figure haha!

  4. Ms. Latina says:

    I didn’t get to pass by last week and its so funny cause this week my WW is about silly bands as well! Its crazy cause my sons’ (both the tween and teen) are in the silly band stage as well!!!

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