Two Weeks Until the Juneathon

Tuesday, June 1 starts the Fourth Annual Juneathon and Run DMT is participating again this year. To join in the Juneathon, participants promise to commit to exercising every day during the month of June.


For me, the timing couldn’t be better.  Last week, I whined about explained how my wogging days have come to an end and how I’ve had to find ways to help reduce my lower back pain.  This annoying pain in the back forced me to replace walking and wogging with swimming.  Therefore, for the month of June, I will continue working-out whether it’s squats, swimming, weights or prenatal yoga.  The Juneathon is just the motivation and accountability I need to hang in there and not sulk give up.


What about you?  Will you join the Juneathon?  If my big ol’ bump can do it, then so can you!


To join the Juneathon, commit by adding a comment at JobBlog.  Be sure to include your blog name, blog link and Twitter ID.


Good luck!

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