I Heart Faces: Yellow

I heart the color yellow because it is such a warm, inviting color.  In every home I have lived in, there has always been a yellow room to warmly welcome everyone who passed through the door.  Like sunbeams gleaming through a window, shades of yellow always greet you with a sunny smile.


As I searched for photo a for this week’s I Heart Faces Yellow Challenge, so many wonderful warm, sunny yellow moments came to mind.  Emmalynn and Allana twirling in a yellow princess gown pretending to be Belle or Allana tap dancing to Happy Feet at her first recital or yellow handprint duck paintings at a spring play date.


But since yellow is such a sunny, warm color that also makes me think of warm, sunny summer days at the beach, I decided to submit this photo of Allana for the challenge.  Much like the sun and the color yellow, this photo warms me all over.




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