Magnificent Manhole Covers

Allan and I have a rather unusual obsession with manhole covers. Tampa has some unique ones, but St. Petersburg does as well. While strolling along sidewalk with my sister a few weeks ago, I spotted the St. Petersburg sewer system for the first time and of course, I had to stop and take a photo and embarrass my sister.



With all the races I’ve done in St. Pete, how have I missed these magnificent pelican manhole covers?



  1. kimert says:

    Those are great manhole covers!!
    And how sad that I am now wondering if my town/city has manhole covers in any of the places I’ve ran! lol I’ve not noticed a single one and believe me when I say I look down quite a bit when I run. haha

  2. Michelle says:

    I do not usually notice the manhole covers, except for Huntington Beach. I am pretty sure that is where I saw some pretty interesting covers at.

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