A Tangled Mess No More!

When my girls are due for a trim, Allana always begs me to take her to Sweet & Sassy for her haircut.  I adore the whole Sweet & Sassy glittery pampering experience as much as my girls, but on a tight SAHMom-on-the-run race budget, princess haircuts at Sweet & Sassy simply are not financially feasible for two girls even with discounts or specials.


But when I got wind of Sweet & Sassy’s Tangled haircut promotion for the release of the Tangled DVD, I rushed the girls right into the salon.  Any girl who donated 10” of hair to Locks of Love would receive a free haircut and style.   BUT, would my girls be willing to donate 10” of their beautiful curls for a good cause and a free haircut?


Even if my girls weren’t willing to donate their hair, I decided to still bring them into the salon to take advantage of the “buy one haircut, get a second haircut 50% off” deal and all the Tangled fun Sweet & Sassy was offering.


So when I picked them up from school and informed the girls about Sweet & Sassy’s Tangled event, Allana agreed to do it.  Her exact words were, “Sure.  I’ll do it. Wait.  How short will my hair be?”  Emmalynn wasn’t quite so willing at first.


Using a tape measure, I showed the girls the length of 10”of hair and approximately how much hair would be left after the cut.  Allana still agreed to do it.  Once Emmalynn saw the length in the mirror, she was ready to do it.  Her exact words were, “Oh!  That will look so cute!”













And boy did those girls ever look so cute with their new dos!  Later that evening, Allana told me she donated her hair in memory of Aunt June.  Her unexpected, unprompted gesture caught me off guard and really choked me up.




I am so proud of my beautiful girls and their generosity.



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  1. Hazel says:

    I had to hold my breath at the scissors about to snip your girls’ curls off. But they surely looked sweet and sassy indeed when they job was done. Oh… thanks for mentioning Entangled. I’m going out today to watch it 🙂

  2. debi9kids says:

    What beautiful souls you have there!
    Their new do’s are so adorable!
    And your daughter doing it for her aunt choked me up a little too! Very sweet.

  3. EncoreBride says:

    You have 2 beautiful girls with even better looking hearts. As I’m reading through SITS blogs today and being on the fence about having children this has really given me much to consider.

  4. LBDDiaries says:

    WOW not only are those amazing haircuts, but your daughters are so beautiful! Love that their personality comes through in the pictures – sassy! LOVED the video for the cruise ship – very funny! Visiting from LB Tea party and glad I did!

  5. Katherine says:

    Love the new do’s!!I found you on SITS. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. wishing you happiness and a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

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