Counting My Blessings

In lieu of giving up something for my Lenten obligation, I decided to count my blessings.  To do so, I made a list of 40 items (one for each day of Lent) to which I am grateful for and consider a blessing in my life.

  1. A wonderful husband and loving father
  2. Three beautiful, bright, caring, kind children
  3. A roof over our heads
  4. My DH’s job that affords me to be a SAHM
  5. Chunky baby legs and dimpled knees
  6. Baby giggles
  7. Boisterous belly laughs
  8. A home filled with laughter
  9. A home filled with music
  10. A sense of humor
  11. A pantry, fridge and tummies full of food
  12. Gas in my car
  13. Loving parents/grandparents
  14. My sister and her wonderful husband
  15. My parents
  16. A good relationship with my MIL
  17. Loving extended family and cousins to play with
  18. Family living close by
  19. Fantastic friends
  20. Witnessing beautiful sunrises and sunsets
  21. Folders full of gorgeous photos
  22. Hubbie’s mack-daddy back-up system to protect our files and gorgeous photos
  23. Vacations and weekend trips
  24. My “Me Time” set aside for running
  25. A wonderful church to call home
  26. Our health
  27. Family get-togethers
  28. Moms on the Go, the ultimate moms group
  29. A mommy brain that can still hold the most magnificent memories
  30. A safe neighborhood
  31. Wearing flip-flops all year round
  32. A smiley tap-dancing dog and her wagging tail
  33. Doggie kisses
  34. Butterfly kisses and lullabies
  35. Cuddles
  36. The presence of God in my life
  37. Water under the bridge, repairing and rebuilding relationships
  38. Date nights
  39. The means to help others
  40. A blog that people actually read and leave wonderful, supportive comments (hint…hint)


  1. Amanda says:

    Fat baby legs, belly laughs…what’s not to love! Oh wait, the crying at midnight for no reason 😉 ha! Love this list. Stopping by from Lady Bloggers!

  2. Miranda says:

    What a great list. I also have a good relationship with my MIL & I’m so grateful for that. Sometimes the things that I take for granted, a lot of people would love to have.

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