Reggae, Two Marleys and Some Mellow Fellows

I love reggae because it’s such feel good music. Like I’ve said in a previous post, Bob Marley’s Legend would be my desert island disc with One Love and Three Little Birds being my top two picks off that album even though I love the whole collection.

So when Xmas Dolly asked the Monday’s Music Moves Me participants to pick a reggae song for this week’s theme, I was happy to oblige. But I’ve already shared One Love and Three Little Birds and I’m sure many of the other MMMM participants would also pick Bob Marley songs. But I just love Three Little Birds.  The words, the reggae beat moves me.

“Don’t worry ’bout a thing, 
‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right.”

So my slightly neurotic obsession with Three Little Birds would not let me share another reggae song.  What to do?  What to do?  Then, it hits me.  Just about every musician has covered Three Little Birds at some point, right?  So, I searched YouTube for a decent cover and I found a Mraz Marley mash-up.   PERFECT! Two greats that go great together!

But then, I started to second guess my reggae selection because I just shared a Jason Mraz song last week and I felt I wasn’t broadening my reggae repertoire by sticking with a Marley song and there is a lot of great reggae music out there. So to show that my readers that I can think of other reggae music outside of Bob Marley, I’ll share Ziggy Marley’s latest hit.  (You are getting the irony and the humor in this, right?)

Now the next video has nothing do to with reggae, except that when I think of reggae, I think of mellow, feel good songs, which also makes me think of Jack Johnson. So, when I stumbled upon on this hilarious music video featuring Andy Sandberg of SNL and his The Lonely Island crew, I simply had to share it.  

This week, rock on with some reggae and stay mellow and be sure to Visit AmandaXmas Dolly and Hairbows & Guitar Picks for more Music Monday fun.


  1. Gone Bananas says:

    I can never get enough of Jason Mraz and Ziggy Marleyis totally cool! Oh and although I’d seen the SNL skit with Andy Samberg and Jack Johnson it’s still hysterical! Great Picks!

  2. Lorie Jean Shewbridge says:

    I love your choices. I wasn’t sure about the theme this week, but I have really had a lot of fun listening to the songs today. And of course you HAVE to have the Marley family when talking about Reggae, so don’t ever apologize for your choices… YOU ROCK!
    As always, thanks for your undying support! Luv ya!!

  3. Rachel says:

    I love Three Little Birds, that’s one of the songs I picked for my post. Jason Mraz is pretty good too, that song is one of my favorites.

  4. Classic NYer says:

    I once heard Ziggy Marley on this NYC tv talk program called Talk Stoop and when the hostess Cat Greanleaf asked him what it is exactly that he does to distinguish himself from his father he said “I am like my father.” Haha!

    Oh, and great choices btw.

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