Summer Breeze for Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day Eve, the Taylor clan enjoyed a sunset potluck picnic at the beach.  This has become a Mother’s Day Eve tradition for us, which we were thrilled to share with Allan’s sister and his mum.



Pine Island, a small sleepy little beach in Hernando County, was the perfect spot for a family picnic.



A light breeze kept us cool while we watched the cousins play along the shore and build a fort as the sun set.




Mum enjoyed the evening so much she wants to make a regular event.  I couldn’t agree more.







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  1. XmasDolly says:

    Gorgeous pictures with the perfect song! You really do have an eye for a pic there, Girlfriend! Sorry I’m so late. I transcribe at home, and had a lot of work. Better late then never I always say. Thanks for signing in with us. Hope to see you next week too! Bring a friend as they say! ~hehe~ Have a good one!

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