All Star

A few days ago, my girls and I were talking about school starting up again.  We got to talking about their teachers which led to me sharing stories about teaching days.

I told my girls how I would sing to my students my own version of Smash Mouth’s All Star when they made their reading goals associated with our computer-based Accelerated Reading program.  I explained that the words to my revised version of the song hung on a wall in my classroom and every Friday, we celebrated the students who made their weekly reading goal by singing the song and had a small party.  And then, I busted out the tune to my girls:

Hey now!

You’re an A.R. star

Get a book and go read.

Hey now!

You’re an A.R. star.

Get the points that you need.

All that reading is bold.

Strengthens your mind.

Make that goal.


“You sang that to your students?” Allana asked with a sneer.  “What grade did you teach?”

“I taught third graders,” I replied.

“Oh my God.  They must’ve have thought you were such a dork.”

“My students LOVED me! And you would have thought I was cool too if I was your teacher instead of your mom. So there!”

Boy, kids are tough these days.  Glad I’m not going back into the classroom again this year!

So with my girls returning to school today and ready to worship their cool doughnut-giving teachers while continuing to poke fun at their dorky, very uncool only-feeds-us-healthy-stuff former teacher mom, I thought this song only seemed fitting.

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  1. xmasdolly says:

    What a fun video! Thanks for sharing and playing along with us today. See ya next week girlfriend! I gotta go get my game on and fix my puter. It doesn’t want to hook up to the Internet for some reason., 🙁 Well, at lease it’s forcing me to get use to my laptop too & download the programs I really need. I’m such a procrastinator.

  2. Blogger Broadcast says:

    Hello, i have been visiting the best housewife, a link on your profile and thought I was visiting you. anyhow, I am glad I finally figured it out. Love your pick for this week.

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