Random Tuesday Thoughts and Some Running

Even though I failed to blog a Random Tuesday Thoughts post last week, my life and thoughts were pretty random.

The bands of Hurricane Lee hammeered our area and since I don’t do rain, I didn’t run much last week.  Lame.  I know, but nonetheless true.

I’ve been stalking the Disney site and Facebook page quite the Disney fan lately.  First, I entered the runDisney’s Share Your Bling Sweepstakes for a chance to win an all-expense paid entry to the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, including hotel, travel expenses, races fees and all kinds of cool VIP access to the races.  I added my Disney marathon photo to the runDisney Facebook page and even posted some bling on my profile for additional entries.  I hadn’t planned to run any races in January, but it’s paid for, then I’ll go for it!

But the Disney deeds didn’t stop there.  I also applied to be part of the runDisney Disney Mom Panel.  Living in Florida most of my life, I’ve practically grown up at Walt Disney World as well as ran through it three times, so I feel like I would make a great candidate.  I’ve even changed my Twitter profile to show enthusiasm for all things Mickey.  I need to change my Run DMT header too.

Somehow I survived the first week of school like a pro.  The family fell right into routine like we never even took a break, but then the second week of school was a disaster.  Maybe it something to do holiday weekend looming around the corner, but the last two weeks have been utter chaos around here and we haven’t even added any after-school activities into the mix.  What gives?  I don’t believe I could drink enough alcoholic beverages to make sense of it all.

Speaking of massive amounts of alcoholic beverages, my annual moms beach getaway is this weekend and I cannot freaking wait!  I missed last year because I wasn’t ready to leave my newborn behind, but I am back in full force and ready to soak in the sun and suck down the beer and not wipe any snotty noses or poopy butts for 3 days.  Well, you never know.  One of us may have a situation, but let’s hope not.

I am also looking forward to some beach runs.  I told Faith, Chrissy and Kathleen to pack their running clothes, but I don’t mind running along the beach by myself, as long as I don’t get lost again.  At least with some company, I can run some longer miles and hopefully, one of us will pay attention to where we are going as long as we are not too hungover and dehydrated.  Maybe I should pack my fuel belt just in case?

Yes, I broke down and finally bought a dorky hydration belt and you know what…I love it.  What a saving grace, especially on the big miles!  My new Nathan Speed 2 has pockets for my Cliff shots and a place to keep my car key.  It fits snuggly on my hips and doesn’t slip around.  I seriously love it and I don’t feel so
dorky in it after all.   In fact, I think I look pretty in pink.

The first time I tested out my fuel belt in was on a 13 mile run with Larisa and Kris.  Larisa got me hooked on the Galloway 3-1 plan.  I really noticed the benefits of the “run three minutes, walk 1 minute” training method the next day, because I wasn’t sore or stiff at all.  The forced walking intervals are a welcomed break and great for recovery.  And it doesn’t really add too much time onto my overall time.

13.1 miles

Time 2:46:38

Ave Pace 12:43

Max Pace 8:47

Like Larisa said, “It’s not about how fast we can go, but finishing.”  She’s so right.  I’m just trying to get back into the game and doing my best to finish.

So with that, I’ll finish by sharing some more of my runs.  Like I said before, I didn’t run much due to all the rain, but I did run in the 911 Memorial 5K on Sunday.  Watch for my race recap later this week.

6.2 miles

Time 1:15:53

Ave Pace 11:36

Max 8:19


3.1 miles

Time 33:28

Ave Pace 10:49

Max Pace 8:30

*Proudly submitted to Stacy Uncorked, because when I blog about my training, it’s usually pretty random.*



  1. kimert says:

    Holy abs batman!!! Woohoo!

    Those are some great runs! I hope to run a Disney race one day…actually, IF…and that’s a huge if.. I get the nerve or extra crazy, I want to train and run a Disney marathon.

    • Run DMT says:

      You can do it! The Galloway method is a really great to start to get those big miles done. If you ever decide to do it, come down this way and I’ll be your cheering section, unless I run it with you. 🙂

  2. Cathy Kennedy says:

    Yeah know, I was about to comment on your abs when I noticed Kimert beat me to the punch. Gosh girl, how on earth did you get your abs tight like that? My effort is concentrating on burning fat and over-all toning, but I’m not targetting my abs just yet. I don’t necessarily want to get ripped, but to tight up the the unflattery appearance of age(if possible) and the trauma assoicated with having children. Oh the things women must endure, right? lol

    BTW, many thanks for the sweet condolenses. It’s such a comfort to have such good supportive friends in Blogsville.

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