If Dr. King Were Alive Today

If Dr. King were still alive today to witness the struggles of the gay community, what would he say?  Would he call the gays an abomination or would be love them and stand beside them to fight for equality?

If Dr. King were still alive today to witness the Occupy Wall Street movement, would he call them communists or would he stand beside them to speak out against cooperate greed and plea with the powers that be to level the playing field between the haves and the have-nots?



If Dr. King were alive today, what would he ask of us?

Wake up everybody.



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  1. JamericanSpice says:

    Love that I found something here about Martin. I haven’t seen much about him today at all.

    Love the song choices.

    And p.s. It’s an interesting question about the abomination. But if Martin believed in God then he would say, love the man, but not the behaviour. Or at least I think that’s what he would say.

  2. Cascia says:

    A lot of people today don’t really understand who Martin Luther King Jr. really was. I saw his niece on a news show a while back and I learned so much about him and the person he really was. I used to think the way you do about him until I heard what Alveda King had to say about her uncle.

    • Run DMT says:

      I am familiar with Alveda King and her comments about her uncle. Alveda King is a regular guest on Fox News and she also spoke at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally. I find her words demonstrate the opposite of anyone would want to restore honor, particularly when remembering her uncle’s legacy.

  3. xmasdolly says:

    Oh my goodness how could I have missed you yesterday. I’ve got so many things going down you wouldn’t believe it, and I’m still taking down Christmas stuff and we’ve got the guy coming tomorrow to fix our frontroom ceiling and I want everything out of there I can possibly take out & yesterday I was back & forth sorry sweetie, but HERE I AM! i can’t say I’ve heard these songs before, but I do remember this history. I remember the days they had to sit in the back of the bus & when my mother would be so afraid when she saw a colored person, not black. Why I thought aren’t they just like us just a different color? What if they were green or purple or orange we would’ve done the same thing, but aren’t they just the same. Naive and lack of common sense that’s all I can say, but I’m glad it’s turned around…. well, ,mostly. Great Post Girlfriend.

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