Janathon 2012 – Day 11

PhotobucketLast night was not a good night.  Typically, I fall asleep around 9-ish because I wake-up so early (around 5:00).  But last night I couldn’t sleep and I was awake until 10:30.  I don’t know if I was nervous about my dental surgery on Thursday or if I was nervous about this bible study group I started attending on Wednesday mornings.  Whatever the reason, I couldn’t fall asleep and when I finally did, I woke up at 2:00.  I fell back to sleep but only for an hour and a half and then I laid there staring at the ceiling for another hour.

This weekend would be a step back week and I wasn’t sure if I would be up for a 6 mile run after surgery.  So, I ran the miles today.  I strapped on my Garmin and hit play on my MP3 player, but my player was dead.  Oh good Lord!  Six miles with no music?  Oh well.  It has to be done.

I opened the door to begin my music free stride.  Oh good Lord!  It’s raining!  And it’s windy!  Oh well.  It has to be done.

But man, that wind was tough!  My legs were not happy and told me every step of the way.  I tortured them yesterday for speed work and now my legs underwent some unplanned resistance training.

After 3.1 miles, I hit a lap so I could judge my 5K pace.

3.1 miles


Ave Pace 10:31

Max Pace 8:19

So, it wasn’t as good as Monday’s 3.1 mile, but then there was some serious wind today!  And Oh Law, my legs were hurting!

About 4 miles into the run, I experienced a cramp in my side, which was so ironic since @LocalAdventures referenced me and my hydration techniques on his Janathon report yesterday.  In the comments section, I stated how hydration is such a difficult balance for me.  If I drink too little water, I cramp.  If I drink too much water, I cramp and then I need to pee.  So which was it today? 

I only drank about 10 oz of water and I peed twice before my run, but I must have been soaking up every drop of rain water to feel a cramp and a need to urinate.

And that wind! UGH!  At four miles, I was so done and my legs forced me complain out loud in the dark.  I’m sure if I had music, I would just sing away the pain to distract myself.  Instead, I cried out, “Oh Law.  My leggggs huuurrt!”  Plus, having no music caused me to startle and panic over every little rustle I heard.  What was that? A rat? A lizard? A rabbit crazed lepus?

But, when I hit the 6 mile mark, it felt good great but oh Law, my legs hurt!

6.20 miles

Time 1:08:24

Ave Pace 11:02

Max Pace 9:08

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