Pinning Down Tampa Bay Bloggers

What do you get when you combine tasty Square 1 Burgers with even more flavorful personalities? The Tampa Bay Blogger meetup, of course!

Last Saturday evening, seven of us met to discuss ways to take over the blogosphere.  I was joined by Brian of Digital Running, Kirsten of Gone Bananas, Caroline of Morningside Mom, Rachel of Runner’s Tales, Clarisa of and Marisa of Fit Kids Playground.

Although most of us find our voices with keystrokes, the conversation proved once again entertaining and enlightening.  The last time we met, Google+ dominated the conversation.  This time, all focus was pinned on Pinterest and how to use Pinterest for self-promoting our blogs and brands with great photographs, visual aids and informational graphics.  Basically, bloggers and companies alike have to rethink all aspects of social media in order to stay relevant and prevalent in today’s social media-driven world.

We all agreed that Google+ is missing something besides friends in our circles.  Although we’re all on Google+, we’re not using it to its full capacity.  Considering that “Google is THE verb”, it’s disappointing that Google+ leaves us searching for more answers.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is the sleeper social media hit of the summer.  Although Pinterest seems to appeal mostly to women bloggers, we helped Brian discover ways to pin some manly boards before the end of the evening, like running tips and BBQ.

We also discussed Twitter as our number one resource for information.  Admittedly, I often check Twitter before Facebook, but I understand why I should be posting discussions and conversations starters on my Run DMT wall.  It’s all about staying present in the blogosphere.  At that point, the conversation halted as everyone checked-in on Facebook and tweeted #TBBlogger.

During the course of the evening, I realized the importance of revamping my Linkedin profile.  If I’m a going to tout myself a “social media enthusiast” than I should really be using each avenue to its fullest.

I also learned more WP plugins, Pinterest plugins and why I should be geocaching with my kids, which I am so excited to start this summer.

Even though there were only a few of us, there was tons of information to absorb, which is why I truly love these blogger meetups.  I learn so much every time and I look forward to learning tons more at our next meeting in August.

I wonder what THE next big social media will be by then.

 *I would like to thank all the sponsors who contributed items to our wonderful Tampa Bay Blogger swag bags.*

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  1. Ricole says:

    What a fun blogger meet up! I need to plan something like this in Seattle! There is way too many forms of social media to keep up on!

  2. cooper says:

    I’ve always wanted to do something like that in the northeast…except most of my blog connections don’t reside there….great fun, tho…

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