Dara Maclean Sings His Praise

With Easter less than a week away, it’s a perfect time to share one of my favorite Christian artists, Dara Maclean.  These songs are from her debut album, You Got My Attention.

When Dara sings His praise, it moves me.  Her soulful sound reverberates within me and opens my heart.  Dara’s voice has a mature Motown quality, an almost Adele-like tone and it’s obvious earned her musical chops in church.







Tune in Tuesday morning (April 3) at 8:30 ET to hear more from Dara live on The Morning Cruise on  Joy FM.

Does Christian music move you?

“Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.” (Ephesians 5:19)

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  1. Stacy Uncorked says:

    I hadn’t heard her yet and I love, love, LOVE all of those! Growing up, my parents never let us kids listen to ‘secular’ music, so I loved one of the Christian radio stations that would play Christian Rock on Saturdays – I’d crank it up and rock out to it while cleaning my room. 🙂 So the answer to your question is YES. 🙂 Thanks for the introduction – I’m off to add her to my play list! 🙂

    Even If It Breaks Your Heart, Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman. I Wonder, since I Got My Country On, if it makes me Stronger

  2. xmasdolly says:

    Never heard of this one, but I like her style. i use to listen to Christian music on the radio, but I think they took it off because I can’t find it anymore. Christian music sure has changed over the years hasn’t it. Yep, sure do like this young lady. Thanks for sharing and playing along with us my friend. Have a great day.

  3. blogger broadcast says:

    honestly, I am still trying to fight the parents on religious…they had me to forced and their living drove me to the point of no return -yet. although I am hoping to find my way back some day. thanks for sharing these songs, i was able to listen to a couple, they are good…

  4. Cathy Kennedy says:

    New to me! Thanks for the intro. She does remind me of Adele. Contempary Christian rock began to bloosom on the scenes in the mid to late 70s. I thought it was a great alternative to rock n’ roll, but it never replaced secular favorites completely. I’m thankful there is this kind of music to reach kids who can’t be reached any other way. I can relate to the negative feelings of being “forced” to go to church, but as much as I hated that as a kid I’m very thankful for the continous direction my parents kept me on. Not to say, I never wondered off the path because I certainly did. We all do, if we’re honest with ourselves. The good things it the Lord is mericful and hears our pleas and is willing to take us under His wing. One thing I’ve learned is, we should live by example to win others for Christ. That’s the best way to reach those around us. Oops, sorry I didn’t mean to climb on my soapbox. Thanks for linking up, Denise!

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