Random Thoughts about a Break or Two, Burpees and My New Shoes

My plantar faciitis began bothering me again which I believe to be a result of old shoes.  I’ve put a lot a miles on my shoes since November when I bought them.  Since my left heal has been giving me trouble, I haven’t ran since last Wednesday and I ordered myself some new lavender Trace 10 running shoes from Brooks.com.  They should arrive tomorrow, so hopefully I can get at least one 3 mile run in and break them in before my 5K on Saturday.

The Hare Racing Experience this Saturday is the only race I have one this month.   Although I never ran it before, I’ve heard great things about it so I’m excited about it.  This race will be even more fun since I’ll be joined by family members running/walking their first race.  We’re all participating in this race to benefit epilepsy in honor of my niece, Meghan.

I’ve had some amazing opportunities fall into my lap lately and I’m feeling so blessed for each of them.  I’m a grateful for every opportunity and the doors they have opened for me.  Thank you.

And speaking of opportunities, did you hear that I was featured on Another Runner Mother?  Go read my interview and leave some comment love.

On the subject of things I love…last week I received some new sandals from The Walking Company which my PF feet totally love. My ABEO sandals are so supportive that I don’t feel any heel pain at all.  I’m going to do a full review of the shoes, but here’s a sneak peek.  I really love them. 


 My girls are on spring break this week and we have lots of fun planned, however, my husband thought I was planning too much fun and the girls would need a break from their break.  So, today we’re having a quiet lie in and we’ll go to our community pool around lunch time.  I’m really looking forward to swimming since I haven’t run in almost a week and I have all this energy pent-up inside.  I’m going to have to tread water to expend some of it.
Speaking of expending energy, I’m almost finished with my push-up challenge.  I finished Week 6/Day 3/Level 1 yesterday, but I still have to complete another exhaustion test tomorrow.  I’m really nervous about it, which is so silly because it’s not like I could “fail” the test, but I’m afraid I won’t be anywhere near 100 push-ups.  At my last exhaustion test, I did only 50.  I’d like to be somewhere between 60-70 push-ups and beyond the half-way point, but we’ll see.

I’m excited about my next challenge for April! This month, we’re “Springing into April with a 30 Day Burpee challenge“!  Yay.  *sound of crickets chirping*

 Although I received a lot of resistance to this challenge at first, the response has been quite the opposite which is really motivating.  Follow #30burpees on Twitter if you need some motivation.  People hate burpees but their strong detest for burpees pushed them to be part of the challenge.  It’s pretty funny.

Basically, we started with one burpee on Day 1 and we’ll add one burpee each day after that, ending with 30 burpees on Day 30.  Simple, right?  hee hee  Find out more information here and join the linky party while you’re there.

*Proudly submitted to Stacy Uncorked, because when I blog about my training, it’s usually pretty random.*


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