SeaWorld’s TurtleTrek

From the moment they hatch, sea turtles face many great challenges on their way to the sea.  From mistaking lights on the beach for the moon to the numerous predators, sea turtles must overcome great odds to survive.

SeaWorld’s newest attraction, TurtleTrek, teaches visitors how to help sea turtles as they make their journey.  With a little education, conservation and awareness, we can make a difference in the life of a sea turtle.  As the exhibit proudly proclaims, each of us has the potential to be everyday heroes to help make the world a better place for all.

TurtleTrek’s  up-close observation deck allows guests to encounter West Indian manatees and sea turtles in a naturalistic habitat.

In one corner of the exhibit, a model of a turtle nest offers a real-life example as to how some everyday heroes protect sea turtles on the beach.

Also on the observation deck, visitors can play Race for the Beach, an educational video game displayed on massive screens.  After selecting their species of sea turtle, guests swim the ocean munching on favored foods while avoiding hazards like nets and plastic bags.

As guests follow the TurtleTrek trail below, they become immersed in underwater life.

Schools of more than 1,500 Caribbean-native fish, sea turtles and manatees greet guests on their way to the world’s first 3D 360 dome theater. With the aid of a state of the art film, Nyah, a sea turtle shares her amazing journey and there are no bad seats in the house.

Once I learned a portion of each dollar spent in the TurtleTrek gift shop benefits in-the-field research to help save animals, I couldn’t resist purchasing some gifts for my children.  With small trinkets, I would be an everyday hero to my little critters as well as sea creatures.

For residents and locals, the best way to experience TurtleTrek again and again is with a Fun Card or annual pass. Each provides unlimited visits to SeaWorld Orlando and all the park’s special events and festivals including Halloween Spooktacular and SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration.  Even better, there are no blackout dates!

For more information or to buy your Fun Card or annual pass now, go to

*I experienced SeaWorld’s newest attraction, TurtleTrek, as part of a grand opening media event and received no compensation for this review.*


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