The Importance of an Otterbox

I treat my phones with kid gloves.   I always secure my cell phone away nicely in an interior pocket of my purse.  Occasionally, I’ll place it in a pant pocket, but I prefer inside my purse.

I also keep my cell phone out of the hands of sticky toddler fingers.

When I carry my little Incredible phone during a race, I seal it in a Ziploc sandwich bag and tuck it safely nside the pocket of my running top or skirt.

However, at the Best Damn Race, somehow I broke all the careful rules I usually follow for my phone.  During the race, my Incredible stayed wrapped in the Ziploc and tucked inside my running skirt pocket.  After the race is a completely different story.

For easy access, I held the phone in my hand for fast snapping post-race photos.  Then, after all the random Kodak moments, I tucked the phone inside my hoodie pocket.

That seemed to work until we left the post-race party.  As my friend and I walked back to my car, some random racers asked us to take their photo near the finish line.  Of course, I was happy to oblige, however, during that short little photo shoot, my phone slipped out my pocket unknowingly.

Once we returned to my vehicle, I emptied out my pockets and realized by phone was missing.  We spent the next hour retracing our steps to locate my missing cell phone.  My friend, Jenny, called the phone to help find it.  Eventually, we discovered it very close to the photo spot near the finish line.

My poor Incredible was completely smashed.


Thankfully, my DNA Verizon phone has not suffered the same fate and probably never will.  It’s snug and well protected in its Otterbox.

Whenever I accidentally drop it which has happened quite often due to its overgrown cell phone size, it doesn’t drop.  It bounces.

The lip around the edge of the Otterbox has a bit of a lift which protects the screen.  The Otterbox Defender Series HTC DROID DNA case offers three layers including a plastic window to cover the screen.  Since I couldn’t get the hang of the touch screen with it over the phone, I don’t use plastic protective screen cover.  Although the rim around the case protects the screen from scratching any surfaces if and when the phone falls facedown.

So once I replace the screen on my Incredible, can you guess what I’m using to protect it from now on besides a Ziploc bag?


“Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.”



  1. Kat @ says:

    I have a Galaxy Note II from Verizon and when I run, I keep it in an arm band specifically designed to fit it. It’s not compact enough to fit anywhere else LOL I’ve put it in my jacket pocket a few times though… this will make me think twice about doing that anymore! I do have a case for it though…

  2. Jessica says:

    Sorry about your phone. 🙁 The Otterbox looks tough. I need to get one of those. I dropped my phone last week during my coaching class and broke my plastic case.

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