Music Monday: Sweet Nothing

Unlike many of my other past Music Monday posts, I don’t have a story for today’s pick.  I’m simply sharing a song that’s got a great beat and it’s easy to do dance to and it’s perfect workout song, especially for spinning or running sprints.

Whenever it plays on the radio, I turn it up, but until I saw the video, I never realized the lead vocals belonged to Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine. I always wondered how Calvin could sound like a woman.

Calvin Harris’ Sweet Nothing is what is moving me this week.  What’s moving you?

For Music Mondays, I’m now teaming up with my good friend and fellow Marathon Mama, Chrissy.

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  1. Cathy Kennedy says:

    You don’t always have to have story to tell when there is music involved, do you? This is new to my ears, so thanks for the introduction! It’s always such fun to dance with you on the floor on Monday’s Music Moves. Thanks for joining!

  2. Jen says:

    My husband is loving the whole Calvin Harris album. I really like this song too. It’s very catchy and I always sing along.

  3. Kelly Wade says:

    Love this song! But it’s definitely in danger of being one of those songs that gets killed by radio Dj’s playing it over and over and over. Love Florence Welch though, she’s awesome! Right now I’m loving that new song by Krewella- Alive- you should check it out!

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