Adios, my ABEO Sandals

What’s black, white and red all over?

My feet painted with tan lines from my favorite flip-flops.

Last spring, The Walking Company sent me a pair of Red Reptile Sunrise ABEO B.IO. System Sandals and I wore them all the time.  The sandals complimented my casual Florida style, all my favorite sundresses and oodles of outfits and of course, I received incalculable amounts of compliments every time I stepped out in them.

Since these shoes are specifically designed for plantar fasciitis, I literally lived in these lovely, sunny sandals.  I walked everywhere in them, which made my feet very happy and my plantar fasciitis heels never complained.

My ABEO Red Reptile Sunrise Sandals escorted me to numerous parties and we danced the night away on more than one occasion.

I covered countless miles of amusement parks in them.

I explored the streets of New York City in these sandals.

Sadly, a year later, there’s little life left in them now. My once super cushioned sandals now offer little support anymore.

So it seems the sunrise has set on my red reptile ABEO sandals.

We had a good run, my ABEO sandals and me.


  1. Jenny says:

    wow…sandals that you can actually walk around in at an amusement park?? I’m sold!! I always have to wear running shoes. Must give ABEO a try!

  2. The Shoe Diva says:

    Those are cute! I’m sorry for your loss 🙂 Comfort & cute are hard to let go of. Hopefully you will find an equally comfy & cute pair. I have a feeling The Walking Company may have something else that you will enjoy just as much. Maybe they’ll be red too!

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