Random Thoughts about Some Rain Delays, Another Boston Run, a Joggermom Marathon and an UnTrack Tuesday

When it rains, it pours. Boy, does that expression have some irony to it this week.  My kids were sick last week and I thought Little Lion Man was feeling better, but now he has this nasty cough.  I think it may be allergies, but I may take him to the doctor tomorrow if it doesn’t clear up.

Then, this morning a violent thunderstorm rolled through, so no speedwork.  I attempted some slow and heavy weight-lifting instead.  I really miss Body Pump and I can’t wait to join the YMCA to participate in that class again.

I guess it’s good that the rain made me miss my speedwork, because I feel like I’m stagnating with my sprints.  Since I’m not getting any faster, I think I need to kick it up a notch with 4 x 800m sprints.  Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

I’ve been doing well with my running, but I’ve really slacked off with my triathlon training.  The weather has been all over the place with hot and cool days, so our community pool hasn’t had a chance to really warm up.  I can’t remember the last time I rode my bike, so that’s never good.  If the weather cooperates, I plan to ride 10 miles Thursday morning.  I really need to get back into the swing of tri training because participating in Iron Girl Clermont in September, which will be here before I know it.

Iron Girl in Training_badge

Tomorrow starts the Joggermom Marathon.  This will be my third year participating in the month long virtual marathon.  Each week, there will be lots of prizes and weekly drawings, so if you want to join me, sign up here  and 10% of your entry will go to the American Heart Association Heart, because as you know, heart disease is the number one killer in women.


Next week, the Florida Gulf Beaches Road Races added another race to their lineup to support the One Boston fund.  The 2.62 Tampa Bay for Boston Memorial Run will happen on Wednesday, May 8.  Chris Lauber organized an amazing Boston Run event and requested my friend, Marcia, to share her Boston Marathon experience.  I can’t miss this one!  I have to show my support my Marcia and Boston.

And speaking of races, registration for the Best Damn Race opens tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and I’m hoping to score a dollar entry again.  It’s like the NYC marathon slogan says, “a dollar and a dream.”

Last Thursday, I met some friends to run a 6 mile tempo run.  With all my PF issues, it hurts to run fast or maintain a race pace for too long.  Since Heather and Jennifer G only wanted to run 4 miles, I ran one warm-up mile to the clubhouse, ran a good 4 miles tempo with them and then I ran one mile home.  I guess the combination worked because I shave about 30 seconds off my 10K time, which is a good start.  Hopefully, in time, my 10K will be under an hour again.  I would love that!

6.2 miles
Time 10:01:55
Ave Pace 10:00
Max Pace 7:32

While playing nursemaid to my sick kids, I didn’t have the strength to run on Friday.  Then, Saturday Allana and I volunteered at her Girl Scout Troop’s Run 4 Respect, so once again no running happened.  I couldn’t let Sunday slip by without a run, but I was seriously exhausted.  I wanted to run further than I did and ride my bike, but I only ran 3 miles and it wasn’t a great run.  But then, at least I ran!

3.1 miles
Time 30:38
Ave Pace 9:58
Max Pace 7:27

Looks like my speedwork will be scrapped this week, because I’d like to attempt another tempo run on Thursday with my friends and then ride my bike later that morning after I drop Liam off at daycare.  As for the rest of my workout plans this week, I will be trying out a new Kickboxing class with my friends tomorrow night.  Hopefully, I won’t be too sore for a tempo run the next morning.

So, what’s your workout plan this week?  Did the weather force you to skip speedwork this week too?

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hey!! what time are you riding on Thursday, it sounds like it’s later in the morning!! I’d love to join you 🙂

    I’m just a heavy weight lifting fool. And rowing. I’ve been rowing about 1 1/2 miles every day 🙂 Getting the back and shoulders ready for tri season!!

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