Soup du Jour Vlog Hop: 32 Random Questions Tag


For this week’s Soup du Jour Vlog, I’m sharing a prompt from Mama Kat’s Losin’ It called You Tube Tag where I answer the 32 Random Questions listed here.  Fun, right?

Unlike your usual tag, there are no rules for playing along, however, if you watch my vlog, TAG YOU’RE IT!  It’s YOUR TURN to vlog the answers to the questions.  When you do, link up here and then add your vlog to Mama Kat’s vlogging workshop.

I know this week’s Soud du Jour vlog is long, but I hope you watch it to the end. 🙂


I didn’t realize I said, “I hope you watched through it and watched me make a spectacle of myself” while wearing my spectacles.  Nice pun! lol

**Edited to add a few questions I skipped.  I only answered 29 random questions.**

#9 – “Have you ever peed in the woods?”  Yes, my family and I enjoy camping and peeing in the woods is a given.

#21 – “Is Christmas stressful?”  Yes, the holidays stress me out.  Planning dinners, baking cookies, parties, shopping, wrapping presents and training for races/marathons all in the thick of it.

#23 – “Do you believe in ghosts?” – ABSOLUTELY!  I sense spirits and have witnessed hauntings.  And I can do a mean impression of the Long Island Medium. “I’m sensing sadness.  Have you recently experienced a loss (pronounced laus)?”

So, let’s hear your answers to the 32 Random Question Tag.

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