Music Monday: Roar

Over the weekend, I participated in back to back races. On Saturday, my daughter, Allana, and I ran in the Girl Scouts of West Coast Central Florida’s Thin Mint Sprint 5K.  It was a gorgeous day and a well organized event  (full recap soon), but this fun cookie-themed race became even sweeter when I placed in the top 50 females.  For my efforts, I was awarded a box of Girl Scout cookies.

Then, on Sunday, I faced my fear of swimming in lakes and conquered the hills of Clermont at Iron Girl Triathlon.  In the last half mile stretch to the finish, I passed an already finished competitor who stood as a spectator cheering for each of us as we ran by her.  As I sprinted by her, she hollered “You’re looking FIERCE, girl. Way to take that finish.  Keep it up!  Finish strong!”

I did feel fierce.  It had been a challenging weekend but I felt so strong and invincible.

I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR!

But there’s more to roar about!  Today, I am a featured spotlight dancer for Xmas Dolly and her Monday’s Music Move Me dance party crew.

What making you roar this Monday?  What music is moving you?  


Starting next Monday, October 7, I will be sharing my favorite Halloween spine tingling tunes for Music Monday and I would love to hear what Halloween songs move your spirit.  Link up and play along…if you dare.  Muhahahahahahaha!


  1. XmasDolly says:

    SHAKE THAT BOOTY GIRL… JUST SHAKE IT! So this is the 30th Post right? CONGRATS TO BEING CHOSEN ONCE AGAIN AS OUR SPOTLIGHT DANCER, NO. 1 on our linky! YOU GO GIRL!!! Love Katy Perry! Wish she would come out with a really good one again. She’s got more of that little good/bad girl image! Have a great day & don’t forget the theme you would like to do. E-mail that to me. hugs LET’S DANCE! WOO HOO I CAN CYBER DANCE IT’S COOL (wiggling in my chair here wiggle-wiggle)!

  2. Rorybore says:

    Congrats on the spotlight, and on being so Fierce!!
    I got 3 boxes of Girl Guide cookies here….but let’s face it; I’m not running anywhere. But, I do love to dance and this is one great song to bust a move too!

  3. Danielle Royalegacy says:

    Congrats in being in the Top 50! WooHoo! Cookies are a great prize, too. They are so good for that waistline. 😉

    I see you are in the Spotlight with the 4Ms today, too. You are one lucky gal!

    Have a great week!

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