Music Monday: Radioactive Demons, What Does a Fox Say?

I shared Radioactive by the Imagine Dragons last Halloween for Music Monday but that was before the video had been released.  Yes, this song is that old.  The beginning of the video is very creepy, mysterious and very fitting for Halloween.  As the lead heroine travels through the dark woods to rickety, abandoned cabin, the viewer isn’t quite sure what to expect.

Don’t you just love the cameo of Lou Diamond Phillips with angry Muppets?

We’ll continue the Imagine Dragon Halloween theme by spotlighting Demons.

“Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide”

The video is dedicated to Tyler Robinson who battled cancer.  At the end of the video, Imagine Dragons asks its fans to consider donating the Tyler Robinson Foundation to help end childhood cancer.

Are you still struggling with your Halloween costumes?  You may consider dressing as a fox after watching this video because being a fox rocks.  If you’re into couple costumes, you could both dress as foxes which would make one of you a foxy lady.  Make it a family affair and be a whole family of foxes (a skulk of foxes if you like).  Or, you could host a themed Halloween party and ask your guests to dress as one of many animals in the video.

I have to thank my daughter, Allana, for sharing this Halloween earwig with me. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping this sly fox video.  The “What does the Fox Say?” sensation is sweeping the nation as the Today Show, Ellen and Light Night with Jimmy Fallon all featured the viral You Tube artist, Ylvis.

For the next three Music Mondays, I will be sharing my favorite spine tingling tunes.  I would love to hear what Halloween songs move your spirit.  Link up and play along…if you dare.  Muhahahahahahaha!

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  1. Naila Moon says:

    What does the fox say? Well, that was a bunch o’ crazy there but some fun! I loved that first video. Haunting and yet, humorous at the same time.

    Come by for some ghostly tunes.
    ~Naila Moon

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