RANdom Thoughts About Run DMT Being MIA, Digital Running Spring Dawn Challenge and a Color Me Rad Giveaway

Hi. Remember me? I’m Denise is Run DMT, the author behind this mom on the run blog. In some running circles, I used to be known as one bad mother runner but lately I’m one really bad runner. Two weeks prior to Iron Girl, I came down with a nasty chest congestion that I hits me every spring. Not being able to breathe forced me to rest and my Iron Girl race was less than stellar, shall we say.

I began to feel a bit better but as fate would have it, last Monday I tripped on a step in my bedroom and thought my foot would make a great pillow to land on. I thought I broke my foot as I sat there crying in disbelief. The pain was unreal.

That was last Monday. The same day as the Boston Marathon and the very same day that every runner on the planet decided to run virtually with Boston, but first I had ice my ankle and pop two ibuprofen first to see if I could even put pressure on it.

I elevated my foot with some frozen peas on my ankle. My foot hurt so bad that the cold burned my ankle. As I anxiously waited for the pain to subside and the swelling to go down, I wondered how I would manage while hubby is out of town if my foot is broken. Could I even walk? How would I drive? Who can I call at 6:00 a.m. to take me to the E.R.?

With no exaggeration, I laid on my couch for 45 minutes as my Little Lion Man patted my back while I sobbed.  When I tried to stand, I could still feel some tenderness, but I could hobble and put pressure on it.  I could at least survive the usual morning routine.

And then, like a dumbass, I dressed in blue and yellow from head to toe…

Rynner Running Shoes Walking Company

…and then headed to a spin class at the YMCA in an attempt to run 2.62 miles on the treadmill to prove how Boston Strong I was.


Oh yeah, I was sooooo Boston Strong that my foot started to swell again the pain intensified. Sadly, I was forced to take a week off.

Today was the first day I ran since last Monday and I only ran 3 miles to see if my ankle could even handle that. It was a slow, pathetic run, but at least my foot didn’t swell….too much. And later that morning, I went to Body Pump because I’m swell like that.

In all seriousness, there is still some tenderness but it’s nothing too painful, just annoying.  Even more annoying is that fact that I get to a point in my running where I feel strong and confident in my ability and then something stupid like my allergies or a dumb, non-running related injury sets me back. It’s so frustrating.

As I try to return to my former mother runner self, I find myself focusing on future races. With the completion of Iron Girl, I finished two thirds for the first installment of the Digital Running Time of the Seasons Spring Dawn medal.


Time of the Seasons_Spring Dawn Challenge

To earn the pieces for this medal, I needed to run at least one race a month. I haven’t decided on a May race, but I need to find one in order to earn the Spring Dawn Challenge segment. There’s still plenty of time to register and join me in the Digital Running Time of the Season Challenge.

Unfortunately, virtual races or fun runs like the Color Me Rad do not count, but it’s all good because these types of no pressure fun runs are perfect races to share with my kids.

My girls and I had such a fun time last year, we going for the color bomb again this year and we’ll probably wear white again to experience the full effect of color bombs and color clouds. It’s fun to wear a rainbow like a medal.

The course will wind through Florida State Fairgrounds again and hopefully they’ll have more of those cool color sprays again. Those were perfect of a hot May day!

Color Me Rad

If you want to join my girls and me at the Color Me Rad on May 24, simply leave a comment telling me why you want to run this totally rad fun run with us.  One lucky winner will be selected on Monday May 7th. For addtional entries, follow the Rafflecopter prompts.

Or register here and save 25% with code RUNDMT25.

Color Me Rad

For an additional chance to win, join the Tampa Bay Blogger Color Me Rad Twitter party this Thursday at 8pm. Two entries will be given away! Follow @TBbloggers @ColorMeRad5K @denisermt and hashtag #TBBRad.

Color Me Rad TwitterParty

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. monica santana says:

    not that I can call myself a “runner”, but I do enjoy a 5K every now and then. Especially these color ones. They’re fun! Good luck with your foot healing.

  2. Jenny says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon!! If it’s not one thing it’s another with you, D! <3

    I'm entering to try to win an entry for my friend, Hope <3.

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