Easter Springs New Ways to Celebrate

In twelve years of motherhood, this was the first year my family and I did not attend an Easter party related to a moms group.  It was a bit strange at first, but I adjusted quickly once I visited Liam’s preschool class for egg hunt featuring a special guest, the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny left over 800 eggs out in the high school football field for the little ones to find.

The day before the party, Liam and I searched for the perfect Easter basket. Of course it had to be something with monster trucks or trains all over it which he filled quite nicely.

With my MIL operating a restaurant now, we had to make some adjustments to celebrating Easter with both families.  Since she had to prep and plan for an Easter brunch at the restaurant, we met Grandma at Cracker Barrel for a brief breakfast on Saturday morning. Running a restaurant allows Grandma little time to visit these days but at least we found time to spend a morning together which made everyone happy, especially Grandma.

On Easter morning, my kids enjoyed the first of two egg hunts that day and baskets full of treats and toys. The night before, Allana left some food and note for the Easter Bunny and he was very thankful for his goodies.

For a change of pace, my mom hosted Easter this year and my sister-in-law and her family joined us.

For the second egg hunt of the day, the older kids hid eggs for the little ones to find. A game changer for me, but it brought the same results: happy children, big smiles and lots of fun for everyone this Easter.

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