#ARunnersDrive with Reeves and the Subaru Forester

Last year, I made the transition from mini-van to SUV. I loved my mini-van but with all our outdoorsy adventures of races, camping, beach trips, canoeing and trips to the North Carolina Mountains, it seemed like a SUV would fit us better. So I traded in my Odyssey, The Black Pearl for a Pilot, The Jolly Blogger. (Yes, all my vehicles have pirate-themed names. It’s a Tampa thing.)

Sadly, after driving my Pilot for nearly a year, I’m ready to trade it in. Although its ruggedness fits my family’s lifestyle, the drive didn’t fit me. It drives like a truck.

Now that may seem like a dumb statement. Of course, it drives like a truck! It’s a truck. However after driving a mini-van for over eight years, I was used to the cushioned, more car like feel of a mini-van. Plus, no matter how much I shift the seats and steering column, I cannot get comfortable in my Pilot.

The next obvious question: Didn’t you test drive the vehicle? Well, of course, I did, silly! It felt fine for the fifteen minutes I drove the vehicle along the highway.  But a year later with many, many miles (over 20,000 added on since the day we drove it off the lot), it is just too much truck and too much wasted gas for me.

I need a vehicle that can handle the miles, good on gas and FITS ME!

When I saw the commercials for the Subaru Forester 2015, I instantly fell in LOVE with the vehicle. After all that’s what the ad told me to do. But it was the family in the commercial that reminded me of my own family. New cars don’t hang onto their new car smell for very long, especially with my son’s moldy sippy cups under the seat.

Then, I saw this one. I was sold, because “They lived.”

Subaru Forester 2015 is good on gas and the safest vehicle on the road with its five-star safety rating. YES! I want it. Gimme. Gimme. Gimme.

But I had to convince my husband. He was already in agreement that the Pilot had to go, but we couldn’t agree on a vehicle. Five rows? Seven rows? What about the storage?

Then by chance, Reeves Subaru had parked a Forester on the lawn at the Spring Beer Fling. I could explore, touch, see and feel a Forester up close and in person and drool over it.  I even tweeted about it and Reeves invited me in to test drive.

But this test drive wasn’t your typical fifteen minutes, so what do you think test drive. Reeves allowed me to take a 2015 Forester home for the weekend to see how the vehicle fits my lifestyle, my family but most importantly, me – THE DRIVER.

Subaru Forester

First off, the Forester fit me perfectly! I’m petite, so I always have to move the seat as close as I can to the steering wheel without kissing the windscreen. With the Forester, I found myself seating a little further back with some lift and I could still see the road. It was amazing! When hubby adjusted the seat for his 6’2” frame, he had plenty of headroom, which is an issue for him.

Subaru Forrester

Reeves Subaru was kind enough to provide me with a top-of-the-line Forester Touring. I wasn’t used to turbo and the peppy acceleration, but man, that was FUN! I found myself passing and merging like Speed Racer all while staying within the speed limit.

There were so many incredible features and technology that I became accustomed to very quickly, like the color touch screen to access the Navigation and XM, which also displayed all the engine telemetry. I could also access the controls from my steering wheel.

The Eyesight Driver Assist was another outstanding feature. My Pilot has a small back-up camera in the corner of the rearview mirror. In addition to a full screen back-up camera, the Forester uses two cameras mounted by the rearview mirror to monitor traffic and react to conditions even before the driver.

An alert would flash up on the dash along with a visual warning anytime I crossed the adjacent lane or came close to the shoulder of the road. The vehicle even applied the brakes automatically.

Another feature that this mom on the run loved was the Rear Lift Gate which I could operate with just one push of a button on the key fob, on the dashboard or on even on the hatch. When I’m loaded down with groceries and pushing a stroller, one push of button to open the hatch is fantastic! The hatch had plenty of storage for a mom on the run…

but unfortunately the backseat was a little tight for my three kids, one still in a full car seat.  There is no third row option with the Forester.

And speaking of key fobs, this little Forester had a fancy Keyless Access and Start. I had all the features of a high-end luxury car in the suburban mom price range.

Next to cool engineering and mechanics under the hood of incredible vehicle, the Dual Climate Control made my hubby smile. We could each adjust to the temperature to our own liking.

But what I truly loved the most was the DRIVE. It drove like a car with all the cool SUV specs. My husband called the Forester “a driver’s car”. And that’s no lie! This runner found the right ride in a Forester.

Subaru Forrester

Run DMT and Reeves are partnering up to showcase Reeves’ extensive line of luxury vehicles. Over the next few months, I will test drive a variety of vehicles and share my review of the ride and how it fits my mom on the run lifestyle. Follow #ARunnersDrive #DriveReeves on Twitter and Instagram along with @ReevesTampa, @denisermt and @run_dmt for updates, tweets and photos.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, visit Reeves Import Motor Cars online to view their complete inventory of new and used vehicles available.


  1. Amanda Elizabeth says:

    What a great review!!!! I had recently seen one of the Foresters on the road and it was really sharp looking! All those safety features are really helpful! I’m not ready to transition yet from my sports car but hopefully soon I will need to carry around precious cargo 😉 Thanks for the introduction!

  2. Jacqueline Warme says:

    Awesome review. I was just thinking about how I eventually want a SUV – not right now, but maybe in a year or two. I’ll definitely be keeping all of this in mind. And I love how you included the part about having to sit all the way up! I’m like that too lol. Anyone who ever tried to get in my car after me asks me if a child was driving lol.

    • Denise says:

      LOL “Anyone who ever tried to get in my car after me asks me if a child was driving lol.” That is so funny! Yep, I feel your pain!

  3. Jenn @ Jenn Likes It says:

    Looks like a very sweet ride with some cool features. I’ve always wanted to try out a Subaru Forester. Right now I’m pretty happy with our CR-V. My dad owns a Honda Pilot and loves it, but it’s too much vehicle for me. Thanks for sharing your review!

  4. Amy K says:

    I have a Forester and I love it! I had an Outback prior and I will most likely always buy Subaru..they last forever and drive wonderfully!

  5. Reeves Subaru says:


    What a great review! Maybe you should consider expanding your title to mom/fitness/car blogger?

    Not too many people know what a great car the Forester is. The Forester has some of the highest safety ratings in the industry! The “They Lived” video you referred to was actually inspired by letters by Subaru owners.

    Thank you for sharing your review.

    p.s. We’re interested to know what you’d name your next vehicle.

    • Denise says:

      That is some very interesting insight behind the making of that commercial! I didn’t realize that! Not sure what I would name my next car. It will be something pirate-related I’m sure.

  6. Jenny says:

    I love my truck. But I loved the Audi Q7 way more! Hopefully you’ll get to test drive that one! 3 rows is a MUST for our family, so when we get a new vehicle, it will have 3 rows.

    • Reeves Import Motorcars says:

      Thank you, Jenny! What’s not to love about the Audi Q7, right? The Q7 is another great family vehicle. We have lots of great cars to choose from here – we’re a one stop cars shop for sure. If you’re into cars, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store.

      • Denise says:

        The Outback and the Audi Q7 are the top of my list! 🙂 Hubby wants to test out a Land Rover.

  7. Regina Hord says:

    Great review. We will be in the market for a small SUV soon, too. Prius is getting a little small for us & hubs truck is on it’s last leg. I told him he can take the Prius and I can get a mommy SUV. 🙂 We will check them out, thanks!

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