A Thousand Thanks!

Have you seen the number of hits on my counter?!  I’ve rolled over into the 1000s!  As I lift my chin up off the floor, I am completely blown away by the number of visitors to my blog.  The numbers are staggering and truly inspirational!  Therefore, to show my gratitude and appreciation, I am hosting My First Giveaway!  

In keeping with the theme of this blog, the prize will be an autographed copy of Hal Higdon’s MARATHON–The Ultimate Training Guide: The Third Edition.

To enter to win Hal’s must-have runner’s bible, simply add a comment to this post and state what you have enjoyed the most about my blog.  If you are fellow blogger, post “Run DMT’s First Giveaway” on your blog and link back here.  I’ll try not to play favorites when picking a winner, but adding my blog to your site may give you a better chance at winning. 😉


This giveaway ends on Friday, August 29, the one month anniversary of Run DMT.  Unfortunately, this contest is only open to U.S. residents.  Sorry International readers, but I simply can not afford the postage.  I hope you will forgive me and keep reading my blog.

Once again, thank you for all your love and support!  A thousand kisses to each of you!


  1. Rachel says:

    Congratulations on reaching 1000!

    I enjoy that your blog motivates me. I want to run the Houston marathon but desperately need to train/prepare since I haven’t REALLY run in about 10 years!

  2. fitatfortyplus says:

    Congrats! I am sooooo experiencing blogger envy right now. Being a new runner and a new blogger, I think that I am the only possible choice for the Hal Higdon giveaway. BTW, see my blog for a Hal Higdon “shout out” that I posted even before I found out about your giveaway.

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi Denise!

    I had no idea what a blog was until now! Since I have been out of the runner’s loop for a little while, getting on your site is inspiring me to get back out there and start training again. Running helps me to clear my head when I start to get upset. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with me!


  4. Chrissy says:

    Hi Denise. I’m trying to get into the running thing. My goal is to run (not walk) the 5k in October. Now if my foot would just stop hurting…it’s never known running. 😉

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