Sunday Running Log #2

For some insane reason, waking up early this morning for a long run the day after a triathlon seemed like a good idea.  I promised Tiffany I would meet her at 6:30 and by golly,  I was there!  Lori also joined us for part of the run.  My body was stiff and sore, but I still managed to run 9 miles today.  Now, as I post this entry, I am completely shattered.  A margarita, a long bubble bath and my bed are calling me. 

I’ve stretched a lot today to soothe my sore body.  Tomorrow,  I plan to do an hour of yoga to stretch some more and rest to recover my aching calves.  It’s a good pain, though. 

This week, I will run 4-5 miles on Tuesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday, I will probably do some kickboxing and weights.  Friday will bring more cross-training and weights.  I would like to try to swim some laps on Saturday.  In between workouts, I will search craigslist for a bike.  If I plan to attempt another triathlon next month, it is imperative that I have the right bike.

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  1. Urban Panther says:

    Congrats! I ran my first 10K two years ago, and had no clue what to expect. Last year I knocked 4 minutes off my time, and I believe a lot of that was because I knew what to expect. Good luck on the next one!!

    P.S. Okay, geepers, now I feel guilty about my no running during the Summer rule (due to humidity and working my arse off on house renovations). Seriously need to get back at it. Ah well, right after Labour Day Weekend, when I start training for my first half marathon.

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