Cilantro and My Sweetie

Saturday night, Allan and I managed to sneak away for a few hours for a highly anticipated date night.  We try to plan at least one date night a month to reconnect, but for the past couple of months we’ve missed our quiet quality time together with all the traveling and parties this summer. 

 For our date nights, we prefer to dine at restaurants that our children prohibit us to enjoy and typically, that means Sushi or Indian cuisine.  When we heard raves reviews about a fairly new establishment, Cilantro, we were willing to give it a try as we have been gravely disappointed with our old haunt, Taj.

 As promised, Cilantro delivered impeccable service and delicious dishes.  We started with the spicy samosas, which were looked and tasted homemade and only made us crave more.  Garlic Nan was the perfect companion for the tasty and tender Chicken Tikki Masala, but perhaps not the most suitable meal for my long distance run the next day.     

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