Sunday Running Log #3

This morning, Lori and I met for our weekly Sunday morning run.  I managed to run 10.5 miles today and not get attacked by red ants, which seem to be attracted to my water bottle.  Oddly enough during my run last week, an ant slipped off my water bottle, landed on my chest and bit me.  As a result from my vicious attack, I cautiously inspected my sports bottle at each water station before I drank from it this morning.  Then, about half way through my run, I found the little buggers crawling all over my sports bottle again.  I guess they like my sweet sweat.  

Although my energy levels remain high during these long distance runs, I am feeling it in my knees, which means one of two things: I need to do more strength/weight training or I need to buy some new shoes.  Since I am pretty consistent with my strength training, it can only mean that I am long over due for new shoes.  I have had my current Kensei Asics for over 7 months now.  Prior to the Kensei Asics, I had the GT 2120, which is still the pair I use for cross training.  The 2120 are decent shoes, but the Kensei are amazing!  I just can’t bring myself to spend $180 for shoes.  Unless I can get an incredible deal on a pair of Kensei, like I did 7 months ago, I will be slumming it running with the newer version, the GT 2130.  Honestly, I could get two pairs of 2130 for the price of one Kensei and my knees would still thank me.

Plan for this week: Buy new shoes.