Sunday Running Log #4

On Saturday, I finally broke down and bought some new shoes.  However, in my desperation for new shoes, I purchased the wrong shoes.  Having been spoiled by my Asics Kensei, no shoes can compare, therefore, when I tried on the 2130 Asics, they felt like concrete.  I expressed my distaste for the shoes to the Dick’s Sales Associate and he steered me in the direction of the Asics Nimbus. Their lovely shimmery pink design immediately entranced me.  When I tried them on, they felt like clouds, hence the name.  Of course, pink cushy shoes had to be the right choice for me!


I decided to break in my shoes with a long Sunday run, but unfortunately, my new shoes broke me.  Around mile 5 miles, my right knee started hurting.  Rather than turning home and calling it day, I decided to continue fighting the wind and the pain and I managed to pound my knees the pavement for 11.5 miles.  

After my agonizing Sunday run and icing my right knee, I returned my new pretty shoes and visited our local running guru at The Running Center, which is where I should have gone in the first place instead of trying to save money at a retail store.  The cost has been far greater in the end. 

With that, I am the proud new owner of a lovely pair of Asics Kinsei 2.  Now, hopefully, I will be able to try them out this week with little pain.  Thankfully, my knee doesn’t seem to be giving me much trouble today.  Considering that I have been able to climb the stairs in my own home today with almost no pain is a very good sign.


Today, I have been taking it easy with lots of stretching and yoga.  As for my running schedule, I may have no other choice other than to rest and recover my knee this week.  I am so bummed.


  1. Sara-My Sippy Cup Runneth Over says:

    The pink shoes are VERY cute, but I’m with you on the comfort. Hubby tried to get me to buy Nike Shox (sp?) I told him NO WAY. He says, “But they are running shoes and you can fit your Nike sensor in there.”

    Ugh no! If you’re not a runner.. you don’t understand. I’ll have to keep the Asics Kinsei 2 in mind next time I buy new shoes.

    Rest up that knee!

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