Sunday Running Log #5

I know I am few days late with my Sunday Log, but I am still recovering from a long weekend.  Have you been waiting with bated breath?  I apologize for keeping you waiting.

On Sunday, the gusts of Gustav made for another challenging run, however I managed to run 12 miles as planned even though I thought I was going to pass out every step of the way.  The intense wind made for another day of unplanned resistance training.  I also felt very dehydrated which required me to stop for many water breaks.  As you can imagine, I wasn’t really happy with my overall performance of my run on Sunday.  Therefore, this Sunday, I will be running another 12 miles to try and improve my performance.

With the combination of the wind and my miles, I felt completed shattered after my run, as if I over trained.  Although later that day, I discovered that I had a bit of a stomach bug.  My dehydration and exhaustion was only the start of the symptoms.  Nausea soon set in and I actually spent most of Sunday in bed.  Now, my DH has it.  Poor thing!

This week, I plan to increase my weight training.  Hopefully, it will improve my performance on Sunday.