Chick in Chaos, Part 3

Just a quick little bloggie note to let you know that I did not drown in the pool this morning.  I swam 8 laps and ran ~2 miles in the road.  I even avoided becoming a speed bump for some sneaky SUV.  Thank goodness!  What’s the point value for hitting a jogger these days anyway?


Tomorrow is my long run, however, we have a 30th birthday party to attend tonight.  (I know…I know…My friends are so young I’m the old lady of the bunch but I’m only 29.)  The party is kegger.  I just hope I have the restraint to not gorge myself and I am able to wake up early and run tomorrow. 


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  1. Lori says:

    Yeah, Glad you did not drown. I almost checked on you as I rode my bike by the pool. The first time since the tri. ( the seat was a little lower). See you tonight.

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