Sunday Running Log, #6

Fortunately, I refrained from consuming too much beer at Saturday night’s kegger.  Wish I could say the same about my DH.  After winning three rounds of beer pong, he was feeling pretty shitfaced happy numb.  Lori, my running partner, also attended the party and commented on how little I drank.  My dedication to my training guilted motivated her into drinking less, too.


Although I drank very little and went to bed at a decent hour, I only ran 10 miles yesterday.  It was a good run, but after being so sick last Sunday, I didn’t feel like pushing it.  Truth be told, my knees are still recovering from my stupid shoe mistake a couple of weeks ago.


At the end of our Sunday run, Tiffany (my other running partner) reminded me that this week begins the official start for Hal Higdon’s Novice Marathon Training Schedule.  I can not believe we are 18 weeks away from the Disney Marathon!  With Hal’s Novice 1 plan, I will need to increase my runs to 4 times a week.  Since I am already running ~10 miles comfortably, I will start at week 4 and next Sunday, I will attempt 11-12 miles again.  Although this Thursday, I will be heading to Anna Maria Island with my girlfriends and a 4 day liquid diet of Corona Lights and margaritas may throw a little monkey wrench in Sunday’s run. 


This morning, I registered for the Disney Full Marathon.  I had already registered for the half marathon, but now I feel I am ready to take on the full marathon this January.  I would love to run both events, a.k.a the Goofy Challenge, although I did not technically register for that specific event.  By registering for both events,  I can choose to run one or both races.  Nonetheless, it is all great marathon training for the Gasparilla Distance Classic in February, which is my ultimate goal.

Here is a list of all my upcoming races:

  • Chaotic CoteeMan in September (triatholon)
  • Race for the Cure in October (10K)
  • Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day (10K)
  • Disney Half Marathon and Full Marathon in January
  • Gasparilla Distance Classic in February (marathon)

I will more than likely run a race in December as well, but I haven’t chosen a race just yet.


  1. Chrissy says:

    Allan’s beer pong partner was feeling pretty “numb” too. I’m sure the shots of bourbon didn’t help him either. It was a fun night! I did a keg stand…were you still there for that? 🙂

  2. becelisa says:

    I’m running Disney as well. My first full. I’m impressed by your desire to take on the challenge of the Goofy (even if unofficially). A suggestion for your December race would be the Brandon half marathon. It’s on December 7th and is supposed to be a good event. Small but well run. Good luck in all your upcoming races!

  3. Lori says:

    Yes, you were right. You did guilt me into drinking less. Unfortunately it still did not help my waistline. I guess I need to hit those crunches again.
    Thanks for keeping me accountable. It felt great to have six miles under my belt.
    BTW I already went on mapmyrun for this weekend. It is exactly 2.5 miles to the end of the island.

  4. fitatfortyplus says:

    A four day weekend with the girls sounds spectacular! Have a margarita for me-with lots of salt on the brim of the glass.

  5. Jay says:

    I signed up for the Disney full as well. I bought Hal Higdon’s book, Marathon – the Ultimate Training Guide and I’m finishing up week 2 of intermediate 1. I ran my first last March at the Sarasota Marathon. I ran with a cold and an over-use injury to my knee and ankle. Brutal pain, but I finished. I’m learning now that I caused my own misery. I’m going to train smart (this time), stay healthy and try to set a PR at Disney.

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